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MacBooks and infusion pumps may be at risk for hacking

New cybersecurity threats continue to emerge in the healthcare industry — and now providers have to be careful about new cybersecurity risks in two commonly used devices. 

Residents don’t have much use for iPads

A lot has been written about the use of tablets in healthcare and how providers are beginning to use mobile devices for their work. But enthusiasm for popular tablets may not be as high as many observers think, even among younger professionals. 

iPad Mini will be a hit in health care, survey says

Though Apple’s iPad Mini was just announced a few weeks ago, the device had been rumored to be in the works for months. And excitement for a smaller iPad had built up, especially among medical professionals. 

Study: iPads help docs provide faster, more efficient care

iPads and other tablet computers are becoming increasingly popular with doctors – and a new study says those devices can make healthcare organizations more efficient and prevent delays in providing care. 

Apple to release hot new tool/toy for health care pros

If you have any interest in gadgets, you’ve no doubt heard the rumors of a new Apple tablet computer. You may have one on your desk sooner than expected.