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Relationship between antibiotics, hospital beds & C. diff

Hospitals must do their part to reduce antibiotic use so they can stop the spread of deadly infections, including C. diff. If they aren’t necessary, these drugs can jeopardize the health of not just the patients who are prescribed them, but other hospital patients as well. And the risk can begin by assigning them a […] [MORE]

CDC study: Hospitals still need to improve antibiotic use

Antibiotic resistance is becoming a significant problem in this country, and it’s contributing to the rise of various superbugs that infect hospital patients. New research about prescribing habits shows that hospitals must make more of an effort to rein in the overuse of antibiotics by providers. 

‘Nudges’ cut back on unnecessary antibiotic use

Many hospitals are still struggling to get doctors to prescribe fewer antibiotics to patients. One recent study looked at how effective a few gentle “nudges” might be in helping doctors avoid unnecessary antibiotic use. 

CDC raising awareness of antibiotic use in hospitals

Although there’s been some progress, hospitals still need to make more of an effort to curb the overuse of antibiotics when treating patients. As a result, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is urging hospitals to be more proactive with prescribing antibiotics. 

Hospitals still prescribing too many antibiotics: How to stop

With all the news that’s come out about the dangers of overusing antibiotics, have hospitals cut back on prescribing them? According to a new study, they haven’t.

Doctors overprescribe antibiotics: How hospitals can curb the trend

Overuse of antibiotics is putting patients in danger, and hospitals are some of the worst offenders.

‘Superbug’ is spreading, now in California

Patients in California are now becoming ill with a deadly infection as the hard-to-treat superbug makes it way into health care facilities across the nation.

$700 billion in waste: Where’s it coming from — and why?

The recent report that tagged health care waste at roughly $700 billion per year should come as a surprise to no one. But some of the causes of that waste might.

Antibiotic resistant infections cost $20B per year

Doctors who over-prescribe antibiotics are exacting a heavy toll on the bottom line — and overall patient care.