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Doctors overprescribe antibiotics: How hospitals can curb the trend

Overuse of antibiotics is putting patients in danger, and hospitals are some of the worst offenders.

Report: 100% drug-resistant TB discovered in India

Doctors in India are reporting the country’s first strain of “totally resistant” tuberculosis has infected at least 12 people.

Does your morning coffee protect against MRSA?

Coffee and tea drinkers are less likely to carry the antibiotic-resistant superbug, according to new research.

New strain of MRSA discovered in milk

Just what we all needed: A new source for hard-to-kill MRSA infections!

Bedbugs: The newest vector for MRSA

As if they weren’t creepy enough, bedbugs have now been discovered to harbor drug-resistant bacteria.

‘Superbug’ is spreading, now in California

Patients in California are now becoming ill with a deadly infection as the hard-to-treat superbug makes it way into health care facilities across the nation.

You won’t believe what they can transplant now

In an effort to battle C. difficile infections, some doctors are transplanting poop into patients. 

Antibiotic resistant infections cost $20B per year

Doctors who over-prescribe antibiotics are exacting a heavy toll on the bottom line — and overall patient care.