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Toe-to-thumb transplant patient gives doc the finger

A migrant worker who accidentally cut off his thumb isn’t happy with the treatment he says was forced on him by his doctor.

Woman sues after weight loss surgery leaves her a double amputee

Allegations of improper care following gastric bypass surgery are at the root of a patient’s lawsuit.

Circumcision turns into amputation: What went wrong?

A patient who went into the OR for an adult circumcision and came out with a penis amputation has lost his suit against the doctor who performed the surgery.

School’s medical center sued over student death, amputation

Ohio University is fighting off two lawsuits alleging students received seriously negligent care at the school’s health center.

Did medic use victim’s severed foot to train her dog?

A Florida firefighter and emergency worker has been accused of taking a car accident victim’s severed foot home with her. 

Nurse sues employer after missed infection leads to amputations

A missed bacterial infection led to sepsis in an experienced nurse — and the amputation of her nose, both legs and most of her fingers. Up next: A major lawsuit.

Patients continue to find creative ways to injure themselves

The recent back-to-back winter storms in the Northeast came with a surprise: A spike in finger amputations.