Healthcare News & Insights

Payments on the horizon for advance care planning?

A controversial topic — advance care planning — is being broached again despite opposition from certain groups. 

AMA: ICD-10 deadline should be pushed back further

Thought the debate over ICD-10 codes was finished after a one-year delay was proposed by the feds? Think again. Some groups are still pushing for the government to give doctors and hospitals more time to switch to the new coding system. 

Supercommittee fails: What does it mean for health care?

The so-called Supercommittee intended to reach a bipartisan deal for the federal budget has officially failed — and health care pros are scrambling to figure out what it means for their organizations.

AMA begins campaign to stop ICD-10 transition

Though regulators have indicated they won’t delay the 2013 deadline for healthcare organizations to start using ICD-10 codes, one physician organization has vowed to work to postpone the transition.

AMA study: Most cities lack competitive insurance markets

Most people live in areas without a competitive market for health insurance.

More OB/GYNs refusing to see heavier patients

If you’re overweight be warned: There’s a good chance your first-choice OB/GYN will refuse to see you.

AMA adopts social media policy for docs

Nearly everyone has at least dipped a toe into the social media waters. But as useful as the tools are, they have real dangers for physicians and health care organizations.

AMA survey: The public wants action on Medicare cuts now

Physicians have broad support in their push to get Congress to act on the Dec. 1 cut in Medicare payments.

Health reform passes: Winners, losers and what to expect next

The health care reform bill finally passed, and while no one may be completely happy with it, it brings some definite good news for the industry.