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How much alcohol abuse is there in assisted living?

Heavy boozing isn’t the first problem most people think of when they consider the risks of  assisted living — but a new study indicates it should be on the shortlist.

Doc’s drink at dinner affects performance at morning surgeries

Researchers have shown that even a few drinks the night before surgery can have significant impact on a doctor’s performance.

Patient found dead on hospital grounds hours after release from ER

A hospital is facing questions after a recently released patient died on hospital grounds — and after a lengthy wait for someone to actually assist him. 

Gastric bypass leads to weight loss for entire family

Gastric bypass surgery — and the improved health habits that generally come with it — benefit not just the patient receiving it, but their entire family. 

Study: Obesity solution isn’t as simple as ‘calories in, calories out’

What we eat is as important as how much of it we eat, if a new study is to be believed.

New program IDs potential addicts sooner — and with less awkwardness

Getting patients to answer honestly if they are abusing drugs or alcohol isn’t easy. A new program helps.

The truth hurts: Booze, cigs worse than many illegal drugs

A health policy adviser was fired for saying out loud what many medical professionals already think: Alcohol and tobacco are more dangerous than many illegal drugs.