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Nurses sue to avoid tending pre- and post-op abortion patients

A new lawsuit is reviving the touchy subject of health care workers’ rights to refuse to take part in a patient’s abortion procedure. 

Therapy needed more often after childbirth then abortion

New research indicates women are more likely to require a first-time visit with a therapist after giving birth than they are after having an abortion.

Clinic of horror ignored: Doc charged in 8 murders

A doctor in Philadelphia stands accused of performing illegal procedures in unsanitary conditions. And a city asks: How did this go on for so long?

Should Catholic nun have approved patient’s abortion?

A pregnant woman with a life-threatening condition, a by-the-rules bishop and a nun trying to do the best for a patient added up to a tragic situation that’s still playing out six months later.

Doctor aborts wrong twin, blames bad ultrasound

A Florida doctor who “thought” he could safely perform a selective abortion has lost his license to practice.