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Survey: Patients want more online access to docs

As more people default to doing everything from paying bills to ordering groceries online, they also want to handle more of their health care online.

That’s the main finding of Intuit Health’s second annual Health Care Check-Up Survey.

According to the survey, 73% of Americans would like to be able to use an online connection to make doctor’s appointments, pay medical bills, check lab results and otherwise communicate with health providers.

In fact, more than half said they’d consider switching health providers if it meant they could take advantage of such a service. Younger patients in particular put a priority on online access: 59% of Gen Y respondents said they’d switch doctors for one with better online access, compared to 29% of Baby Boomers.

Creating a secure way for patients to interact with practices online is easier said than done, it does have real benefits for both patients and providers. Online communication tools can make health care interactions more efficient and in some cases, save money. Consider some of the other findings from the survey:

  • Nearly 20% of respondents said they can’t easily reach their doctor’s office to ask questions, make appointments or obtain lab results.
  • 81% would schedule their own appointment via a secure Web service and fill out medical/registration forms online prior to their appointment.
  • 20%  unsure whether to pay their doctor or the insurance company
  • 57% have had at least one medical bill go to a collection agency, and
  • 45% wait more than a month to pay their doctor bill, and when they pay, half still send a paper check in the mail.

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