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Survey: Docs’ tablet use doubled since last year

We’ve reported before on how common it’s becoming for doctors to use iPads and other tablet computers to access electronic medical records and complete other tasks. Now, a new survey says tablet use in healthcare is growing even faster than anticipated. 

Currently, 62% of of physicians are using tablets for professional purposes, according to a recent survey from Manhattan Research. That’s nearly double the number that reported doing so in 2011.

Also, of the physicians that own tablets, 50% have used the device at the point-of-care, according to the survey of 3,000 doctors in the U.S.

The researchers behind the study reported that they expected tablet use in medical practices to grow — just not as quickly as it has.

Some explanations may be the popularity of tablets among consumers and doctors’ desire to use the same devices they like to use outside of the office while they’re working. Also, some studies have shown that iPads and other tablets can improve doctors’ efficiency.

That means many hospitals and practices that don’t have a plan for tablets in place may want to consider implementing one to avoid falling behind. Those that do should check out our earlier post on important features for keeping tablets secure.

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