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Surgeons playing video games in the OR

If you see a doctor in the OR playing video games, don’t assume he’s goofing off — it may actually be part of the procedure. Doctors at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto are using Xbox Kinect, a motion-sensor equipped and hands-free gaming system, to consult patient images such as MRIs and CT scans during surgery.  The game allows doctors to zoom in or out of an image or “freeze” it with a simple hand gesture when they want to check something.

Previously, doctors had to leave the sterile area, look at the images, then scrub in again before returning to the operating table.

It can take up to 20 minutes each time a doctor has to re-scrub, so allowing doctors to manipulate the images hands-free means patients’ surgeries take less time which benefits the patient and the hospital. It also reduces the risk of a doctor accidentally contaminating the surgical field.

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