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Study: Pediatric MRSA infections increase 10x

Over the past 10 years, the rate at which children are hospitalized with MRSA infections has jumped from 2 to 21 patients per 1,000 admissions.

That’s the news from a study just published in Pediatrics.

Unlike other patient groups, kids were most likely to be hospitalized with infections that were community-acquired, not hospital-acquired. While that’s good news for hospitals’ infection control measures, it indicates that the bug’s antibiotic-resistance is on the rise.

The study also noted that use of clindamycin — one of the few antibiotics still effective against MRSA — had also risen dramatically as the number of MRSA patients increased. (Two other effective, but less convenient drugs, showed only modest increases in use.)

The study’s authors noted that increased use of just one drug, clindamycin, to combat MRSA could make it even more antibiotic-resistant. The researchers urged doctors to use clindamycin “judiciously.”

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