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Study: Doctors skeptical of e-prescribing systems

While electronic prescriptions can benefit doctors and patients, a recent study shows many physicians are skeptical about the accuracy of the data provided by e-prescribing systems. 

The study, published in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, looked at eight practices with one to four physicians and their experiences after implementing e-prescribing systems. The practices studied had not implemented electronic health records and were using standalone e-prescribing systems.

The results: While e-prescribing systems can help doctors work more efficiently and improve safety, the study found that the possibility of getting inaccurate information kept many of those practices from getting the full benefits of e-prescriptions.

For example, some of the practices reported getting unreliable formulary and benefit information from their e-prescribing systems and were therefore forced to rely on other sources for that information.

Most of the practices studied also continued to use paper record-keeping systems to track patients’ medication history because of concerns that the records in the electronic system are incomplete.

To learn more, read the study here.

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