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Smartphone use growing for remote patient monitoring

A recent report predicts that within the next few years, cellular networks will be commonly used by doctors to remotely monitor patients. 

The growing capabilities of smartphones and the networks that support those mobile devices mean those tools will increasingly be used for remote patient monitoring, according to a recent report from research firm Juniper Networks.

Juniper estimates that 3 million patients will be monitored over cellular networks by 2016.

Currently, an estimated 2.2 million patients are using some kind of remote monitoring device. But as smartphones become more powerful, they’ll start to replace dedicated monitoring equipment, Juniper says.

Using smartphones will also be cheaper than those standalone devices.

What specifically will smartphones be used to monitor? Currently, the largest group of patients with remote monitoring care are cardiac outpatients. Remote monitoring is also helpful in improving care for patients with chronic diseases, such as diabetes.

For more information about Juniper’s report, visit here.

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