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School’s medical center sued over student death, amputation

Ohio University is fighting off two lawsuits alleging students received seriously negligent care at the school’s health center.

Two separate suits have been filed, one on behalf of a student who died from bacterial meningitis, and another by a student who lost her arm to the so-called flesh-eating bacteria.

The first suit revolves around Andrea Robinson of Cleveland Heights, Ohio. She died last year after being infected with bacterial meningitis. Robinson went to the university health center in February 2010 when she first became ill. Her family’s lawsuit claims that staffers at the University’s health center misdiagnosed her condition, advising her simply to drink fluids, rest and take some Tylenol. The suit also alleges that the school didn’t adequately warn students that there had been multiple cases of the disease on campus in the past year.

For its part, Ohio University denied any wrongdoing, and said the trial would show that Robinson died due to her own “negligence.” The school’s statement didn’t offer any further details.

The second suit involves Molly Millsop of Vandalia, Ohio. She went to the health center three times on Sept. 6, 2007, complaining of fever, body aches, difficulty breathing and severe pain in her right arm. The suit says clinic staff told her she had a strained muscle and sore throat. Later that day, Millsop’s parents drove her to a local emergency department, where she was immediately diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis. From the ER, she was flown to Ohio State University Medical Center, where her right arm and shoulder were amputated.

The university hasn’t responded to this case yet. But in an earlier filing, the school claimed the allegations were false.

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