SARMs have the same effects like anabolic steroids, but since they are more selective in the muscle tissues, they do not produce the same harmful side effects. This makes SARMs a viable alternative for bodybuilding fanatics and athletes. 

However, SARMs may affect your estrogen levels at the end of a cycle. There is not a lot of evidence on SARMs affecting the levels of estrogen yet, however, users have reported experiencing side effects of high estrogen at the end of the SARMs cycle.

This was especially prevalent if a post-cycle therapy (PCT) was not followed for at least 6 weeks. 

SARMs don’t convert into molecules that usually cause side effects, such as DHT and estrogen, so they don’t affect the hormonal system as negatively as anabolic steroids. They also don’t suppress natural testosterone as much, however, they still have a small amount of suppression. 

This testosterone suppression can cause high levels of estrogen. They can do this by converting most of the testosterone into estrogen in the body. 

Although there’s not enough scientific evidence to know for sure, there is a link between low T levels and high estrogen. If you’re taking a stack of SARMs, then you’re also at a higher risk of experiencing high estrogen levels. 

You can avoid the long-term effects of high estrogen by following PCT, which will restore your natural testosterone production. However, if you use SARMs over a long period of time, you may be at risk of permanent side effects of high estrogen.

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