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Report: More tech support for iPads needed

Though a lot of doctors are using iPads in their work, not many are getting support from their organization’s IT department – and that could lead to security and productivity problems. 

Many healthcare IT groups are reluctant to support the iPad, with 75% of doctors reporting they don’t get IT help for those gadgets, according to a recent report from Spyglass Consulting Group. That’s despite the fact that 98% of the 100 tech-savvy doctors surveyed said they use an iPad or other mobile device for personal or professional purposes.

Many IT departments are reluctant to provide or support iPads because of the potential dangers of accessing sensitive patient data with an unsecured mobile device. But the lack of IT support is likely preventing doctors from getting the most out of their mobile computing devices.

And it could lead to security issues as iPads become more popular among doctors. Some physicians may begin to use those devices to access clinical data — whether or not they have support from IT.

Many experts say healthcare organizations are better off supplying secure mobile devices for doctors, so they can reap the benefits while IT makes sure the proper security measures are taken.

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