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Patients want online portals, doctors aren’t using them

While more doctors are embracing technology, there’s one use for health IT that many have yet to take advantage of, a recent survey says. 

Although nearly two-thirds are using some type of electronic health record system, physicians have been slow to implement technology designed to engage patients interactively, according to a poll conducted by the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions.

For example, among the 300 doctors surveyed:

  1. Less than 25% use secure messaging to communicate with patients
  2. Just 20% allow patients to schedule appointments or view test results online, and
  3. Only 18% let patients request prescription refills online.

Overall, just about half of doctors surveyed use any kind of Internet tool to interact with or educate patients.

That means many doctors are missing out on opportunities to provide better and more efficient care.  They also may be failing to giving patients the features they want, as another Deloitte survey found a growing demand among patients for online scheduling, web-based access to health records and other interactive tools.

Implementing those functions can help practices save money by reducing the need for administrative staff time, and improve long-term care by giving patients more of the information they need to stay healthy.

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