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Outrageous! Paramedics make dying man’s wife hitchhike to hospital

A patient’s wife claims the couple was treated outrageously after her husband suffered a fatal ski accident. David Morse of Nova Scotia died after a ski accident on vacation in Maine. Investigators are looking into both the care Morse received and how his loved ones were treated during the incident.

According to Morse’s family, he was on vacation with his wife, Dana, their children and other family members. An experienced skier, he lost control and slammed into a tree. Dana Morse, a nurse practitioner who has spent a decade working in intensive care, was present at the time of the accident and said Morse suffered severe chest trauma and internal trauma. Morse was awake and responsive immediately after the accident, but in significant pain.

Morse’s wife said that paramedics did an initial assessment of Morse at the base of the hill, but didn’t take his blood pressure, start an IV or take other key basic steps. Then they started to put him in the ambulance, but he went into cardiac arrest.

What went wrong?

As the ambulance raced to the hospital with Dana Morse in the front seat, she said she sensed her husband was dying and asked to sit in the back so she could hold his hand. Instead, the paramedics got annoyed with her requests, stopped the ambulance and left her out on the side of the road.

Dana Morse said she had to flag down a passing car to get a ride back to the ski resort so she could get her car and drive herself to the local hospital, Franklin Memorial Hospital in Farmington. Morse died en route to the hospital.

For reasons that aren’t yet clear, the ambulance returned with Morse’s body to the ski resort’s medical clinic. When Dana Morse arrived at the hospital, staff had no idea where her husband was, or what his condition was.

Administrators at Franklin Memorial have launched an investigation into both the care he received and the allegations about how his family was treated. Among the questions are whether he should have received more aggressive treatment earlier and if he should’ve been flown to another hospital as another skier was that same weekend.

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  1. Dr. Engelhardt says:

    Wake up lady! Thanks to thousands of lawsuits from family such as yourself, an ambulance can no longer transport family members along with victims to the hospital. They cannot afford the liability insurance. You should focus your outrage, and your efforts on eliminating frivolous litigation in this country which is leading to this type of behavior in all facets of our lives.

  2. This story makes me sick. If what this woman says is even half true, then this is one of the most inhumane, egregious breeches of not only proper emergency medical treatment but just plain basic human decency I have ever heard of.I hope these paramedeics are fully prosecuted, and not only never allowed to work again, but also do jail time.

    It is a given that being a paramedic is a stressful job, but if your job,any job,stresses you out so much that you treat people who are suffering in such a cruel manner, you need to get out–now–before you do irreversible damage.

  3. To Dr ( I really doubt it!) Englehardt:

    This is exactly the type of callous, inhumane attitude I mentioned in my previous message! How can you possibly not be outraged by the behavior of these criminal paramedics? Do you have no heart at all? This woman watched her husband die in front of her due to criminal negligence! Those pr!!#s in the ambulance deserve more than a lawsuit, they deserve prison!

    Did you really say “wake up lady” to a woman who just lost her husband???

  4. In responce to Dr Engelhardt:
    Ms Morse would prefer to have her husband, father of her sons with her now instead of going through this ordeal.
    Litigation would not even be a issue if what she states is not true. Which I hope with the state investigation what truly happened that day comes out, if the ambulance drivers (I refuse to call them medics at this point) did indeed treat a fractured elbow vs. doing vitals…prioritizing the severity of injuries. I
    From all the articles I have read most of what she says happened can be verified or denied by nurses, first responders, including the people/person who picked her up and brought her back to the ski resort. I am also sure there is more of her story we do not know.
    My question to you is if you were on vacation in a different country and your wife/husband/child had an accident and they received poor care, what would you be doing now? Would you go away without asking any questions.
    Mr. Morse’s favourite saying he said to his boys was “Its time to rise and shine, get up and make a difference” I believe Ms. Morse is trying to make a difference so no one ever has to go through what happened to her that day in January.

  5. I know she is suffering with the lose of her husband however sometimes accidents happen. She is not allowed to ride along with ambulance(as mentioned earlier) and since we don’t know all the facts maybe she overreacted to the treatment her husband was given since the expectation is often that we can save everyone. Sorry about her lose but when you take risks for thrills some times you lose.