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Older docs an option to solve physician shortage

Recruiters and HR pros may be overlooking a ready pool of talent that could help them fill positions left open due to the physician shortage. Hospitals and other health care organizations are having trouble filling all their vacant positions for doctors, but that may be in part because they aren’t considering older physicians.

According to a recent survey by The Medicus Firm, national physician search firm, doctors with more than 16 years of experience (after their medical training) get much lower interest from recruiters and hiring managers than their younger peers.

Nearly 29% of candidates with 16 or more years of experience reported a zero response rate on applications to hospitals and direct employers. Just over 8% of candidates with 1-15 years of experience reported a zero response rate.

Even when they do get a response, it’s less enthusiastic. Oder doctors reported they only received an average of 2.12 job offers in a two year period, while younger doctors received an average of 7.88 offers. Both groups applied for approximately the same number of jobs.

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  1. Can someone say age discrimination?