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New healthcare database connects 2,600 hospitals

Hospital executives know analyzing patient data is critical to measure how a facility is performing compared to other hospitals. But just collecting and interpreting your own facility’s data is time consuming and complicated. One company is looking to help hospitals and physicians out.

PremierConnect is a virtual healthcare community created by Premier that gives physicians and healthcare systems from over 2,600 hospitals easy access to important medical data, including population information, and patient history and treatment. This data is drawn from claims, labs, billing, purchasing and more, and is updated every 30 days.

It allows a multitude of hospital professionals to make data-driven decisions as to what option is best for whatever area they work in.

And the best part – it’s free to join, as long as you are a member of Premier (which is also free).

The purpose of this system is not to punish doctors and facilities who have performed poorly, but to empower them to identify areas in which they can improve and help their peers to do the same.

This online community also helps create specific peer groups, where physicians with a certain specialty or role in the hospital can connect and share information with each another, despite geographic barriers.

Additionally, the data provided in the system allows hospitals and their physicians to identify the best practices and methods to solve specific problems, such as a high readmission rate.

Here are some specific actions PremierConnect members can take that’ll enable facilities to develop a better understanding of their communities and patient populations, and be able to treat them more effectively:

  • Monitor the effectiveness of a certain treatment
  • Conduct health surveillance for potential health outbreaks
  • Monitor clinical performance and make changes as needed
  • Analyze which patients are driving up costs and identify ways to change that, and
  • Isolate certain patient populations to understand where to focus care.




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