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Motorola: Tablets resold containing previous owners’ data

As tablet computers become a popular tool for doctors, there’s one security threat that many health IT departments might overlook. 

While it’s important to take care and choose the tablet that best meets the productivity and security needs of the organization and its medical staff, it’s also important to keep security in mind once the tablet goes out of commission.

Motorola recently announced that about 100 used tablets refurbished by the manufacturer may have been resold without previous owners’ data being properly wiped.

While that’s a small number of affected tablets (it’s out of a batch of 6,200 refurbished units) it can cause a big problem if any of those owners kept sensitive data on the devices. In response, Motorola is offering a free ID protection service to anyone who recently bought and returned one of the company’s tablets.

The lesson for health IT professionals: When a computing device is resold, recycled or thrown away, it’s important to make sure all data is wiped before it leaves the organization’s premises. Otherwise, you can’t be sure that information won’t still be there when the device finds a new owner.

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