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Moms: A mild fever is OK, put down the medicine

A leading pediatric group is urging parents to lay off the medications when kids have a mild fever. An article in Pediatrics, says the goal with mild fevers should be on keeping the child comfortable, not focusing on getting their temperature down to a certain number. Pediatrics is the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

The article points out that most mild fevers don’t last long and don’t cause any damage to the brain. Fever-related seizures, which lie at the heart of many parents fever concerns, aren’t prevented by the use of anti-fever medications.

The article also reported that most parents incorrectly identified the temperature at which a child is considered feverish (100.4), and 25% anti-fever medications should be given at the first sign of a fever. The vast majority of parents, 85%, said they’d wake a sleeping child to give them anti-fever medication.

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