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Study: Mobile apps improve diabetes care

The increase in the use of smartphones and other mobile devices by patients and the implementation of electronic health record systems by providers has given doctors new ways to improve their patient care.

For example, one recent study looked at the way mobile applications affected care for diabetes patients.

Participants in the study received cell phones pre-loaded with diabetes management software. The application allowed patients to input blood glucose values, diabetes medications and lifestyle behaviors, and the program returned automated coaching messages based on the information patients put in.

The application also collected data for doctors and sent them quarterly reports summarizing patients’ glycemic control, diabetes medication management and  behaviors, and suggested treatment options based on the data collected.

The result: Use of the application had a positive effect on the patients’ health. Over a year, those patients lowered their glycated hemoglobin levels by 1.9%, compared to 0.7% for patients in a control group.

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