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Massage therapist faces jail for fraud

A good massage sure feels therapeutic. But remember: It isn’t a medical service, and you can’t bill for it as physical therapy.

That’s the lesson recently learned by Kawai Ary-Berry, a licensed massage therapist in Lubbock, Texas. She was found guilty of a range of health care fraud offenses, including billing the federal worker’s compensation fund for services never performed, billing for massage services she improperly coded as physical therapy and fraudulently billing the government for “equipment rental” when she had patients sit in a sauna.

Berry now faces 78 months in federal prison, to be followed by three years of supervised release, and must pay $1.6 million in restitution.

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  1. Some lesson she learn at that. Being one of the people she has worked on for many years, I find that most of what was being charged with was the incompent procedures and incorrect ICD codes.
    Also the people that came forward had their own criminal ideas!
    As mrs. Berry was a very good looking woman there were a lot of wolves running around. Also the liar’s club was in full swing by those who were rejected!
    All in all most of mrs. Berry’s trouble came from being to good looking,to bright,and lastly to caring for her patient’s!
    Most of the OWCP. People are so over worked nobody has time for the right information, they are also quick to deny any body treatment! They are mainly set-up to pass the buck and blame the care givers of wrongness then admit they are overworked and behind! What a misscaraige of justice. A mother of three would not be that stupid to do this,being scared that the would take her children! Mrs. Berry dearly loved her children and would never put their custody in anybody else’s hands.

  2. As for the equipment rental,the hospitals now charge for equips used not consumed,which is exactly what happened here!
    Also the codes which were used were suggested to mrs berry by OWCP. At the times I have over heard her speaking with the OWCP they didn’t help with anything other then the wrong information.
    Mrs. Berry is very proud of her background in the mass. Business and has NEVER pass herself,off as a physical therapist in all the years I have known her. She does however have all her certificates on the walls of her office for all to see.
    Another mess up and the pack turns quickly on its own to eat the injured. This kind of justices was in play in Jesus time,and you know how that ended up.