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Malpractice rules driving new docs from this state

New research proves it: A hostile enough malpractice environment can drive doctors away and impact patient care.

The 2010 Illinois New Physician Workforce Study (downloadable PDF) surveyed graduating medical students in Illinois to study their plans for the start of their careers and why they made those decisions.

The findings ring some warning bells about the future of doctors in the state. Roughly half of the doctors planned to leave the state to practice — and two of the main reasons given were
malpractice insurance rates and the medical liability environment in the state. The study also found that rural areas of the state remain underserved with physicians — even while the job market for new docs is healthy.
The study’s authors surmised that between hefty med school debt and pricey insurance premiums, some doctors who might otherwise choose to stay in the state feel they can’t afford to stay.
The study was done in partnership with the Illinois Hospital Association and the Illinois State Medical Society. 

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