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It’s back! Swine flu reappears as a new strain

The CDC has announced that a new swine flu virus has infected at least 12 people. Here are the details. The virus, influenza A H3N2, has sickened at least 12 patients in five states: Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Eleven of the patients are children, two of whom were in the some day care facility. All of them have recovered.

The CDC believes the virus is transmitted from workers who pick up the bug from pigs and then pass it on to other people. The agency has asked public health labs nationwide to be alert for other cases, which should be reported to the CDC.

This virus is different from the strain that was behind the 2009 pandemic. This year’s flu vaccine included the H3N2 strain. Patients looking for more information on how to prevent infection with the flu should check out CDC’s site.

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