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Survey: Most organizations invest in the wrong security tools

For most healthcare providers, the budget for IT security is tight, so it’s critical to make sure those dollars are being spent on the right tools. However, that’s not often what happens, according to one recent survey. 

Organizations often put most the budget toward perimeter security — even though IT pros are aware that other tools are needed, too, according to a recent survey from SafeNet.

Among the 230 IT security professionals surveyed, 35% believe security dollars are being spent on the wrong technologies. However, nearly all (95%) said the organization is continuing to spend money on the same security tools.

IT security beyond the perimeter

One problem with how organizations are trying to protect data: Most are focused on firewalls, antivirus software and other perimeter security tools that attempt to keep hackers off the network.

However, experts say that with the rate at which organizations are being attacked, some level of intrusion is inevitable, so it’s important to have ways to minimize the damage that can be done once hackers find a way onto the network.

While 74% of IT pros say their perimeter defenses are effective, 59% said the organization’s most critical data will be at risk if and when the perimeter is breached.

One technique many experts recommend: Segregate networks so that not all of it is left often if part of the network is breached. For example, computers that connect to the Internet could be kept separate from electronic health records and the provider’s financial data.

Some of the other tools companies can look into include:

  • Encrypting specific drives and folders that contain sensitive data
  • Limiting users’ and IT employees’ access rights to reduce the damage if their accounts are compromised, and
  • Monitoring the network for suspicious activity. Many breaches occur and then are allowed to continue because the organization isn’t aware that the network was breached. Keeping and analyzing logs can help companies discover and mitigate breaches before even more damage is allowed to occur.

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