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Insurance won’t cover surgery for 100-pound scrotum

A Las Vegas man is fundraising the estimated $1M he needs for surgery to repair his enlarged scrotum.

Wesley Warren Jr. is seeking treatment for his roughly 100-pound scrotum. While the need for the surgery is obvious, his ability to have Medicaid cover it is less clear.

Warren described how the deformity requires him to rest his scrotum on a milk crate when he sits. He’s unable to use a regular bathroom, has difficulty getting around and is, unsurprisingly, pretty depressed about the state of affairs.

The complications have aggravated his already less-than-stellar health, and Warren has gained weight and now suffers from high blood pressure and asthma.

The cause of the deformity isn’t clear. He shows no signs of the viral or bacterial infections that are the most common causes. Trauma, from an injury Warren says he suffered when his testicles got caught between his legs as he awoke one morning, is a potential cause.

Dr. Mulugeta Kassahun, a Las Vegas urologist who examined Warren said Medicaid would cover the needed surgery, but that there’s a chance neither his testicles nor penis could be saved.

A team from UCLA provided Warren with more hope for a better outcome, but according to Warren, they said Nevada Medicaid wouldn’t cover the costs of the surgery there — which he estimates at $1 million.

Warren is currently raising money to have the surgery. He’s gone on Howard Stern to discuss his plight, and is taking donations through He won’t say exactly how much he’s raised so far, but noted that “it’s a start.”

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