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Improving safety: Standardized briefings are a quick, cost-effective way

A three-minute technique to improve communication in the OR could greatly improve overall patient safety.

A recent study showed that standardized briefings tools can decrease the number of errors in the OR. In this case, the tools, developed by Johns Hopkins and Michigan Keystone Project, addressed critical areas for before and after each procedure such as:

  • helping the surgeon outline the procedure’s critical steps and goals with other OR staff
  • reviewing known safety concerns
  • checking needed supplies, and
  • asking team members for feedback afterward for things that could’ve been done differently or more safely.

Because all teams and departments within the OR were using the same standardized tools, 90% of staffers said they felt the OR had improved overall communication and they were working more effectively as units.

To see more of the study, download a copy of the report here.

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