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IBM turns Jeopardy champ Watson into a physician’s assistant

Having already become a Jeopardy champion, IBM’s Watson supercomputer is now setting its sights on the healthcare field.

IBM recently unveiled a new product, called IBM Content and Predictive Analytics for Healthcare, designed to help healthcare providers analyze patient information to make better and faster care decisions and reduce preventable problems.

The tool is based on the same technology IBM used to build Watson, the supercomputer that won a Jeopardy quiz show competition in February.

Watson specializes in finding patterns and relationships buried in large amounts of unstructured data, which is what physicians must do when making care decisions. As IBM said in a press release, the solution “transforms raw information into healthcare insight quickly by revealing trends, patterns, deviations and predicting the probability of outcomes, allowing organizations to derive insight in minutes versus weeks or months, or not at all.”

The product will be available as an add-on to IBM’s Health Integration Framework solutions. The first organization to use the technology will be Texas-based Seton Healthcare Family, which plans to use the tool to reduce its patient readmission rates.

IBM emphasized that Watson will never replace a doctor’s expertise in making decisions, but rather it will be a tool to help doctors make decisions. As an IBM spokesperson said, the platform could be considered a “more powerful medical journal,” Computerworld UK reports.

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