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How much security do hospitals really need?

In the wake of a series of violent incidents, hospitals are rethinking just how much security is enough to keep patients and staff safe.

A typical example is Massena Memorial Hospital in Massena, New York. The hospital’s board of managers recently voted to spend about $20k for equipment including surveillance cameras, lock-down buttons, and pendants staffers can use to summon police.

Massena has experienced a series of violent incidents recently, including a man who committed suicide near the ER entrance and a visitor to the hospital who broke a window.

Massena’s far from the only hospital dealing with the issue of safety. In recent months there have been numerous reports of shootings, attacks on staff and other disturbances at hospitals around the country — a trend that seems to be on the rise.

While no one would argue against improving safety on hospital campuses, health care organizations do have a need to make sure patients and visitors feel not only safe, but welcome. There have been cases of over-reactive security measures that have resulted in violent incidents as well.



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