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2 keys for hospital websites that reach patients

Hospitals that want to attract new patients will need to pay more attention to their websites, as that’s increasingly becoming the way people find healthcare providers. Here are two rules hospitals should keep in mind, according to research from one marketing agency. 

smart-phone-2The majority (73%) of adults in the US search online for health-related information, according to a survey conducted last year by Manhattan Research. And more than half (54%) say that what they’ve found has influenced their choice of providers and treatments.

For hospitals, that means it’s time to figure out how to use that trend to attract new patients. Here are two keys they should keep in mind:

Help patients find the site

That research often takes place when people need information about a specific treatment or condition, and typically (77% of the time) they start with search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, according to the Pew Internet and American Life Project.

Likewise, the vast majority (83%) of visitors to hospital websites get there through organic searches, according to a recent infographic published by Primacy.

Hospitals can help boost their bottom lines by having their marketing teams focus on optimizing their websites to be found through search engines.

Make sites accessible on mobile devices

In addition to how they find hospital websites, people are also changing how they view those websites.

People often search for health information while on the go — in 2013, more searches for health-related terms came from mobile devices than from desktops, according to Primacy. And by 2016, the agency estimates that 55% of all visits to hospital websites will be on mobile devices.

In other words, if hospitals don’t have their websites optimized for smartphones and tablets, they’ll soon be left behind. This trend is only going to become more prevalent as mobile devices become more common and more patients turn to the web before going to see a doctor.

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