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Hospital: Patients targeted for data phising

A hospital is warning patients that a fake letter alleging a data breach is being used to collect their personal information.

In the clever, somewhat confusing ruse, someone has circulated a letter in the name of Memorial Health System, in Colorado Springs, Colorado to warn people about the theft of their information from the hospital’s computers.

Problem is, the data breach never happened, according to hospital officials.

The letter asks potentially affected patients to call a phone number in Miami to discuss the breach with an “identity theft specialist.” (We’re betting the person on the other end is very experienced indeed in identity theft.)

The hospital says the letter is easily identifiable as a fake since it has several misspellings including the name of the hospital, and refers people to a non-local number.

Local police are investigating the matter. Any patient who gets the letter is advised to hold onto it and the envelope it came in and call the Colorado Springs Police Department at 719-444-7000

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