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Hospital offers apology, but still no kidney, after transplant was denied

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has released a statement apologizing to the family of a three-year old on whom it refused to perform a kidney transplant. The apology is in response to the media firestorm that erupted after the Rivera family went public with a blog post claiming the hospital denied their daughter because she has “mental retardation.”

The hospital’s statement said in part: “As an organization, we regret that we communicated in a manner that did not clearly reflect our policies or intent and apologize for the Riveras’ experience. We are completely committed to the careful review of our processes and written material to ensure that we are sensitive to the needs of all families, including the specific needs of families of children with disabilities.”

CHOP still hasn’t said if it will actually perform the procedure the family wants. Regardless, the family seems satisfied with the apology, releasing their own statement: “Despite an unfortunate encounter a few weeks ago, we hold the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in high regard. We’ve had a three-year relationship with the hospital and are pleased with the care that Amelia has received. Our hope is that this experience will heighten the medical community’s sensitivity to and support for the disabilities community.”

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