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Hospital food just might be killing you

Most people don’t rave about the taste of hospital food, but if they’re smart they’ll be more concerned about the nutrition. A new study looked at the food served to patients as well as employees and visitors. Bottom line: It’s not good.

Researchers for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine looked at hospital food in all 50 states. In places where you’d think the need for high-quality nutrition would be paramount, the opposite is served up all too often. The study found that many hospitals had up to five fast-food options on site. And even the non-fast food items on the menu tended to be overly processed as well as high in fat, sugar, sodium and cholesterol.

Poor quality food is a risk for patients — especially those with certain conditions like diabetes and heart disease. But it also makes it a lot harder for any staffers who put in particularly long hours to eat healthily. A 60- to 80-hour work week leaves precious little time for grocery shopping and making brown-bag lunches. And when pressed for time, few doctors or other employees will leave the facility to seek out healthier food options.

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