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Hospital closes NICU nurses’ impromptu nail salon


L.A. may be a looks-obsessed town, but one hospital took things a bit too far.

Olive View-UCLA Memorial Medical Center in Los Angeles has put two staffers on paid leave as it investigates allegations that they ran a mini-beauty salon amidst the ventilators and other medical equipment in the neonatal intensive care unit.

The allegations were made by two anonymous complaints made to the local hospital commission.

Other complaints of poor care, including under-qualified doctors treating patients and doctors covering up treatment mistakes, are also being investigated.

The complaints claimed that many members of the medical staff not only knew about Le Salon NICU, but enjoyed its services. According to one complaint, at least one member of the infectious disease control staff actually got a French manicure while resting her hands on top of a high frequency ventilator.

According to the commission spokesperson, no patients were harmed by the alleged behavior of the staffers.

The hospital has until May 17th to respond to the charges.

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  1. Smokey Stover MD says:

    Would have been a great idea if it were located in a geriatric unit and the clients were depressed elderly patients!

  2. yea wonderful Function