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Hospital CFO faces 90 years in jail over missing grant money

A messy money-laundering operation has been uncovered in Florida, and a local hospital is at the heart of it.

The state attorney general announced that arrest of Natalie Ann Krasnow, former CFO of H.C. Healthcare, which owned Trinity Community Hospital in Jasper.

Krasnow has been charged with one count each of criminal racketeering, scheming to defraud and aggravated white-collar crimes. If convicted, she faces up to 90 years in jail and $30k in fines.

Krasnow is one of eight people arrested for taking part in alleged money laundering and diverting of state grants intended for hospital improvements.

Investigators say that about $660k in state grants were diverted to criminal enterprises or for the personal use of Krasnow’ and her brother, Robert Krasnow, the hospital’s owner.

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