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Study finds strong demand for healthcare practitioners and technical workers

Anyone looking for a job as a physical or occupational therapist, speech language pathologist or physician assistant should be in luck – but healthcare organizations trying to find and keep qualified employees can’t say the same. 

In November, 23,300 new openings for health practitioner and technical jobs were posted to online job boards, bringing the total to 529,900 listings, according to The Conference Board.

In those fields, job openings outnumber unemployed job seekers 2.6 to one. In contrast, across the entire spectrum of job seekers, there are 3.5 unemployed people for every open job.

While job seekers in the healthcare industry have something to be happy about, but that high demand means hospitals and practices are struggling to find qualified employees.

Here are some tips for recruiting quality healthcare professionals:

  1. Reach passive prospects rather than just active job seekers through email marketing
  2. Post on credible job boards like Medzilla, and
  3. Network with anyone and everyone in the industry — it can’t hurt to simply ask around.

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