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Patient Engagement Technology:
How it’s Transforming Preventative Care

As healthcare reform strives to keep people healthier, it plays a significant role in the way you run your practice – a role that isn’t limited to enhancing your quality of care.

Your practice has become more of a business than it’s ever been before. You are now obligated to improve outcomes. You are now required to increase preventative care. And you have to spend valuable time and resources to document the proof that you’re meeting these objectives.

That is, if you plan to satisfy Meaningful Use, HEDIS, and other P4P models.



Six Things to Know When Shopping for Medical Software

Shopping for a practice management or electronic medical records solution can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not familiar with computer technology or all of the elements that make up the software. Some of the questions that you can be asked during the initial vetting process can be confusing and probably make you wonder why you’re making the switch from paper to electronic or from your current vendor to a new one.

While every company is different, if you know the answers to these six questions before you begin your search, your medical software solution shopping experience could be a lot more delightful.



Roadmap to Interactive Patient Engagement

Today many hospitals are struggling to better educate and engage patients in their own care while trying to meet the challenges of HCAHPS and Meaningful Use requirements. Allen Technologies, a pioneer in the field of Interactive Patient Systems (IPS), takes a unique approach to helping hospitals meet those challenges and engage patients.

“Our focus is on the patient experience and hospital efficiency” said Jerry Folsom, President & CEO of Allen Technologies. “We understand the budgetary and technology limits that hospitals face and work hand-in-hand with them to deliver turnkey systems that meet their needs today while providing a flexible, scalable interactive platform for future expansion. Through the years we’ve developed best practices for deployment and expansion with our economical systems that hospitals can rely on. For this reason, we have developed the Allen Technologies ‘Roadmap to Interactive Patient Engagement.’ We believe this roadmap can help hospitals move forward now, at a pace that works best for them to engage patients with a platform that is easy to use, flexible and economical.”