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Top 3 complaints about health IT companies

Dealing with software vendors can sometimes be an unpleasant experience. Here are the top complaints providers have about health IT companies: 

1. Not taking “not interested seriously

The biggest complaint: Vendors make too many attempts to contact organizations and waste busy health IT pros’ time, according to a recent survey of 200 healthcare CIOs conducted by

Although 81% of respondents said the salespeople they’ve talked to behaved professionally during the conversions, most say that sales teams should make one contact attempt and leave the provider alone. The majority (79%) of CIOs said salespeople should take a lack of response as an indication that they’re simply not interested.

2. Making annoying phone calls

Other complaints have to do with the methods vendors use to contact organizations. While a small majority (53%) of CEOs are open to being contacted by health IT companies once, just 16% say it’s OK to make unsolicited phone calls. The rest approved of being contacted through email, LinkedIn messages or other electronic means. Phone calls can be very time consuming and often interrupt important work, respondents said. It’s much easier to glance at an email when there’s time or forward it along for someone else to look into.

For those who aren’t OK with being contacted, many said it’s because they’re too busy to even read emails from health IT companies and that most vendor pitches are of no interest to them.

3. Going around IT

The majority of respondents also dislike when health IT companies try to “go around” the CIO, with 58% saying it’s unacceptable for salespeople to try and contact clinicians or administrative staff directly before talking to someone in IT.

Many CIOs encourage those other parties to speak with vendor representatives, but only after the CIO speaks with the vendor and determines that the product will meet the organization’s requirements. Otherwise, clinicians or staff could get sold on a product that makes no sense to purchase from IT’s point of view.

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