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Health exchange report: A look at opportunities and challenges

The state health insurance exchanges mandated by The Affordable Care Act present both  opportunities for improved care and serious challenges in how to actually operate them.

But ready or not, as of January 2014, the exchanges are here to stay. To help make sense of what providers and patients can expect, Health Affairs took a mufti-faceted look at the potential — good and bad — that the exchanges offer, including issues such as how the exchanges can remain efficient and offer sufficient choice, and the kinds of design choices that could impact who enrolls (and getting healthier people to join the exchanges).

The package also looks at the possibility of larger employers joining the exchanges once they’re eligible in 2017 — and if so, how that will impact the system.

Finally, a case study on Colorado’s earlier foray into a state-run health exchange provides one look at how the exchanges might operate.

To see all the details, visit Health Affairs.

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