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‘Glad you have cancer’ sign is not the best bedside manner

Some health pros are better at delivering bad news than others, but here’s hoping no one is as bad as this guy:

Edward Jimmis, of Cranston, Rhode Island, hung a wreath on his door festooned with a note that read “Glad you have canser [sic]. So die stupid.”

The note appears to have been directed at Jimmis’ neighbor, Bob Gold, who has been fighting Hodgkin’s lymphoma since early 2009. Gold has been in remission for a year.

Gold called police, who said Jimmis wasn’t breaking the law, but did talk to him and asked him to remove the sign in the interest of neighborhood peace. At first he refused, citing prior disputes with Gold, but eventually Jimmis agreed the sign had been a bit much and replaced it with one that reads “Love your neighbor.”

Now, other neighbors are picketing Jimmis’ house with signs that say, “Evil to cancer patients,” and “Leave our peaceful neighborhood.” Jimmis has offered to sit down with Gold to talk about the situation, but Gold refuses.

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