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Freelance breast examiner reaches plea agreement

Sure, it’s breast cancer awareness month, but this is the wrong way to mark the occasion. A freelance breast examiner who was charged with multiple counts of sexual battery, practicing without a license and related crimes has reached a plea agreement with prosecutors.

Phillip Winikoff, 81, of Coconut Creek, Florida, was charged awhile back for going door-to-door offering his neighbors free breast exams.

His heart may have been in the right place, but the two women who took him up on the offer say his hands definitely weren’t.

The details of the plea agreement hadn’t been made public at press time. If convicted, Winikoff faced more than 45 years in prison just for the sexual battery charges and another 10 for practicing medicine without a license.

The first of Winikoff’s victims, a 36 year old woman, said she knew something was wrong when his hands wandered away from her chest during the so-called exam. She called 911, but by then, Winikoff had talked his way into the second victim’s home.

An official with the Broward County Health Department reminded residents that the county does offer resources for uninsured women who need basic health care such as breast cancer screenings — but they should get information on those resources from a local doctor, hospital or the health department.

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