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Fraud watch: 300+ unneeded stents implanted by one doc

So far, at least 369 patients of one hospital have learned they didn’t need the stents their cardiologist implanted.

The procedures took place at St. Joseph Medical Center in Towson, Maryland. The hospital is currently under investigation for health care fraud.

At federal investigators’ request, the hospital reviewed patient records and uncovered several hundred patients with “variances” in their medical histories. Essentially, they had minimal blockages for which stents were not an appropriate treatment. (Some of the patients appeared to have no blockages at all.)

According to the hospital, all of the unnecessary procedures were performed by Dr. Mark G. Midei. He stopped practicing and lost his hospital privileges last summer. Neither Midei nor the hospital have commented on the case, although Midei issued a statement saying he expects to be exonerated and resume his practice.

Not surprisingly, most patients aren’t pleased.

Patients who received the stents unnecessarily were exposed to risks from the actual procedure, and will have to take blood thinners for the rest of their lives — leaving them open to a number of additional risks. On top of that, many have said they’ve suffered adverse psychological effects from being deceived about having a serious cardiac condition.

However, some patients who received word that their blockages were smaller than they were told stand by the doctor, saying their symptoms have improved.

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