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Fraud, drug use and stalking: Just another day in the pediatric ER?


Allegations of drug abuse and stalking — just what you want in your pediatrician’s background.

Dr. Louis C. Hampers, a pediatric emergency specialist at Denver’s Children’s Hospital was indicted on 655 charges related to accusations he ran an elaborate scheme to acquire drugs illegally.

Among other things, he is accused of using five fake names to fill the prescriptions, and writing scripts for non-existent patients so he could use the drugs himself. The bulk of the phony prescriptions were for the painkiller hydrocodone, the sleep aid zolpidem, and diazepam, the generic form of Valium. Other prescriptions included the generic form of Ritalin.

Last month, the Colorado medical board suspended his license. Children’s Hospital said it has reviewed its records and found no reason to believe patients were ever compromised by Hampers’ alleged misconduct. Hampers had been the medical director of Children’s Hospital’s emergency department.

Hampers has other legal problems brewing. After a lunch date gone sour last spring, a local news reporter filed a restraining order against Hampers, claiming he harassed and stalked her after she refused to see him again. He also allegedly threatened to obtain her son’s medical records.

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