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Fraud allegations against world’s busiest proctologist


Talk about a pain in the butt: Billing for 25-hour workdays was just one of the red flags that landed this doctor in legal hot water.

Dr. Boris Sachakov, of Brighton Beach, New York, is alleged to have scammed more than $3.5 million from billing for medical services he never provided. Sachakov, the owner and sole practioner at Colon and Rectal Care of New York, frequently billed for workdays that were well over 24 hours. He was charged with one count of health fraud.

Clearly, he liked to keep busy. Among other allegations by prosecutors, Sachakov billed for nearly 6,600 hemorrhoidectomies and other procedures from Feb. ’09 to Jan. ’10. (The next busiest practice in the U.S. performed 381 procedures in that same time frame.) Sachakov also claimed to have performed 85 hemorrhoidectomies on one patient over the course of just 20 months.

The investigation began after patients complained about procedures they never received being charged to their insurance companies.

Sachakov denies the charge. For now, he’s been released on a bond. If convicted he faces up to 10 years in prison and a $250k fine.

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  1. 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine??? He’s made more than this with the fraud. He stands to make a profit. What about restitution to the insurance companies?

  2. I agree, he’s made a hefty profit. I went to this Dr’s office. He was never busy, I never saw him only saw a NP (nurse practitioner) or PA (physican’s assistant). Since they were only diagnosing a cream and miralax I didn’t think anything of it… Until I receiveda call from UnitedHealthcare (my insurance). The bad Dr. was billing me for 4 surgeries at 1600 a pop. Let’s discuss I had no surgeries stayed in the office less then 15 minutes per visit. In addition, sometimes the didn’t even exam my butt. Just asked me some questions and sent me home with more cream. When I called the office to say my Insurance called me and I informed them that I did not have any surgeries and they would not pay neither would I. The man on the other end of the receiver told me I misunderstand the exams and they wouldn’t charge me for surgeries. Needless to say I stopped going their and informed them what they are doing is insurance fraud. He definitely made a profit and not only from medicare. Any insurance who went into this guys office got over billed.