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First free-standing post-partum depression clinic

When the typical baby blues turn into something more serious, new moms often struggle to find a place to get help. Now there’s one more option.

The University of North Carolina hospital in Chapel Hill just opened the country’s first free-standing clinic specifically for the treatment of post-partum depression.

Untreated, post-partum depression can lead new mothers to harm themselves and/or their babies. Or they may have strange, violent thoughts that they have no intention of following through with — but to health care workers inexperienced with the condition the patient may seem suicidal or dangerous.

And while milder cases can be treated at home like any other illness, in some cases in-patient care is needed. When that’s the case, the mothers are often housed with patients suffering from schizophrenia, dementia, and drug addiction.

UNC created the clinic as a way to provide specialized care with a staff thoroughly trained in this specific ailment. Besides specialized treatment, the clinic also comes equipped with rocking chairs, nursing stations and other facilities to help new mothers take care of their children while they get better themselves.

The clinic, opening this week, looks to be serving as a model for other centers. A spokesperson said the clinic had been fielding calls from hospitals — and individual patients — all over the country.

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