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Facebook initiative boosts number of organ donors

As the latest example of social media’s increasing importance in healthcare, a new Facebook feature allows users to publicly register as organ donors. 

As of May 1, Facebook is allowing users to share their organ donor status in their profiles. Through a partnership with the site, when users sign up using Donate Life America‘s registration page, the status gets posted to their Facebook profiles.

The move has already had a big impact. On average, roughly 400 new people sign up to become organ donors each day. But on the first day of the partnership with Facebook, 6,000 individuals registered, according to Donate Life America.

The organization said incorporating social networks will help make the registration process easier, more public and more social. When users sign up to become donors, a message appears in their friends’ news feeds, giving those contacts a link they can click to do the same.

This initiative should serve as an example of the growing use of social media in healthcare. According to a recent report, many patients are turning to social networks for health information, and their activity on those networks is having a big influence on their care decisions.

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