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Experts predict more lawsuits, data breaches against healthcare providers in 2012

As more health data becomes electronic, 2012 will see a big increase in security risks, compliance troubles and lawsuits for healthcare organizations. 

That’s the word from a set of expert predictions recently published by IT security firm ID Experts.

Those predictions include:

  1. More lawsuits from patients victimized by data breaches Security attacks targeting healthcare organizations are becoming more common. One effect of that will be more patients taking legal action if their personal health information is compromised.
  2. Increased data theft risk due to mobile devices In one recent study, 81% of healthcare providers said they use mobile devices — but 57% said they don’t think their policies are effective in protecting the personal health information contained on those devices.
  3. A growth in risks due to social media — Doctors are becoming more likely to use social networks for professional purposes, which will create risks of violating privacy rules for those who aren’t careful.
  4. Third parties will expose more data — As healthcare organizations do more business with cloud computing providers and other third parties, they’ll be required to work with those business partners to make sure sensitive data is being protected while its in their care.
  5. Bigger fines due to increased enforcement efforts — Experts expect federal agencies to be more aggressive in investigating compliance violations, especially regarding HIPAA noncompliance due to “willful neglect.”

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