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Emergency room shooting leaves nurse, guard injured

A shooting at a hospital emergency room waiting area left a nurse and security guard injured.

The incident happened at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center in New York last Wednesday when a man fired one or more shots in the waiting area. Police arrested a suspect the next day.

Police say the suspect was shooting at a patient who had been in an altercation earlier in the day. The patient saw some of the people from the earlier fight in the waiting area and called his own friends for back-up. One of those friends is believed to have fired the shots.

The nurse and guard who were shot weren’t the targets and were most likely wounded by fragments of the bullet after it ricocheted off a wall. Both the nurse and guard are in stable condition and expected to recover.

The incident is just the latest raising some questions about the security of patients and workers at hospitals. The hospital is located in a dangerous neighborhood according to some staffers. Although there are security guards at each entrance, metal detectors and similar security devices aren’t in place.



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